Acar Group began to calculate its carbon footprint. 

Corporate carbon footprint reporting is considered the first step in deciding between a low or zero-carbon strategy. To put forward a strategy, it is important to learn about Acar Group’s current position. So, the company decided to perform annual carbon footprint measurements beginning in 2022. Carbon Footprint measurements will include three categories. All these categories will be evaluated using data covering a full year.

Category 1 includes one-year gasoline, diesel, LPG, and natural gas consumption, refrigerant, generator, and cooking gas cylinder use, one-year records for forklifts, maintenance records, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, label information in transformers, etc.

Category 2 covers one-year records of electricity, heat, and steam consumption.

Finally, category 3 covers the calculation of indirect greenhouse gas emissions caused by suppliers. This category also includes fixtures, fixed assets, wastes, and travels (track information).

This calculation would show the areas where the company makes the most consumption and the areas that should be handled. Plans and projects to reduce the greenhouse gas emitted by Acar Group are managed by the Sustainability team.