As Acar Group, we are managing projects aiming for "Zero Carbon" as of 2022. 

“Zero Waste” is a goal that can be defined as a waste management philosophy that includes preventing waste of resources, using them more efficiently, preventing or minimizing wastes by examining the causes, and collecting and recycling wastes separately at the source in the cases of waste generation.

The disposal of wastes without recycling and recovery process causes serious material and energy loss. As consumption inevitably increases along with the population and living standards, the pressure on natural resources becomes more intense and disrupts the balance of the world, causing the limited resources to be unable to keep up with the increasing needs. This situation makes the importance of efficient use of natural resources even more evident. This made zero waste efforts widespread on both individual and institutional level all over the world in recent years.

Adapting the zero waste approach would provide the following benefits;

❖Increase in productivity,
❖Increase in performance due to clean environment,
❖Reduced costs as a result of prevention of wasteful use of resources,
❖Reduced environmental risks,
❖Turning employees into "sensitive consumers" as a result development of environmental awareness within the organization,
❖Helping the company to be deemed as "environmentalist" in national and international markets and consequently to increasing its prestige.